From a Certified Human Movement Specialist and Health Coach…

Learn How to Transform Your Body, Slim Down, and Reclaim Your Health with Guidance from God…
All in Just 7 Days! 

Without Struggling or Feeling Deprived!
Join My 7-Day Challenge That Shows You How To Transform Your Health, Rejuvenate from Within, and Strengthen Your Connection With God for Lasting Change!

From a Certified Human Movement Specialist and Health Coach…

Learn How to Transform Your Body, Slim Down, and Reclaim Your Health with Guidance from God…
All in Just 7 Days! 

Without Struggling or Feeling Deprived!
Join My 7-Day Challenge That Shows You How To Transform Your Health, Rejuvenate from Within, and Strengthen Your Connection With God for Lasting Change!

This is The Only Faith-Based 7-Day Program for Women Where You Can Be 100% Confident You’ll Get Results… Or Your Money Back!

Forget about trying another diet, another workout program, or another regimen that leaves you exhausted and hungry.

Forget about hiring overpriced personal trainers to tone up and reshape your body... only to find you’re getting hungrier and getting little to no results.
Let me show you what it REALLY takes to get fit and healthy (the simple way), and how to do it by the grace of God.

Whether You’re New to Fitness, Nutrition, and Weight Management, or You’ve Tried and Failed Before…

Join My 7-Day Challenge to Transform The Temple God Has Gifted to You...

  • Slim down the healthy way
  • Find the motivation and consistency you need to succeed through strengthening your faith
  • Discover a source of unshakeable CONFIDENCE
  • Feel comfortable in SOCIAL occasions
  • ​Take a God-centered approach to slimming down
  • ​Stop WORRYING about how you look, and enjoy life
  • Strengthen your relationship with your Creator

Here's Your Chance to Make a Healthy Change, “Reignite” Your Zest for Life, and Strengthen Your Relationship With God In The Process!

My God-centered approach to fitness rests on PROVEN strategies that have made women feel ELECTRIC again and in tune with their body.

It teaches you how to truly take care of your mind, body,, and spirit, no matter where you are on your journey.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom who’s busy with the kids all day and rarely has time for herself…

Or you’re a working professional just trying to balance work and personal life stressors, leaving little time to take care of mind, body and spirit...

This is for you and is YOURS for the taking!

Meet Your Coach:

Jessica Hoeffner

I’m Jessica.

For the past few years, I’ve helped women take a God-centered approach to their lives to help them become the most confident, energetic version of themselves and live out their God-given purpose.

In the process of this God-centered approach, I’ve helped these women make crazy transformations in their lives… WITHOUT falling prey to the shame and guilt that usually blocks a successful transformation.

Because I truly believe that for the world to be in a better place,  every person needs to live out their calling.
Each of us has enormous potential to make an impact on the world.

Unfortunately, most women are out of touch with that fact. They lack the energy and sense of self-worth they need to really live out their God-given purpose.

This is what attracted me to fitness.

Fitness is not just about LOOKING good, it’s about the internal transformation - The confidence, the self-discovery, the self-worth that you acquire on your journey.

This is what leads women to live out their God-given purpose.

My goal on this journey is to give women the tools they need to do that.

How Faith and Fitness Can Intertwine to Help You Make a Jaw-Dropping Transformation

Many years ago, my mom got a wake up call when my sister got married, and my mother realized she was going to be a grandmother soon.

She came to me, knowing my expertise, looking for help.

Slowly, I guided her through making small changes in her life… Nutrition. Movement. And… Showed her to rely on God and His strength.

Within weeks, she started to change.

Not only physically, but mentally as well.

As her jeans began to get looser, she also became more at peace, more encouraged, and more confident in a purposeful way.

Her struggles and frustrations vanished.

She was launched into a life of vibrance.

Most impressive of all…

She Dropped 90 Pounds!

And with that, slowly got off her blood pressure medication…

Tapped into a wellspring of energy.

And even stopped dealing with painful joints.

Now, she lives an active life, and is able to keep up with her active granddaughter.

And this didn’t happen just by dieting and exercising...

It Was a Unique, All-Encompassing Approach

Because a healthy life doesn’t stand on just one pillar.

A purpose-driven life doesn’t either.

It takes a combination of emotional health, a strong connection with God, an understanding of His plan for you, and of course, strategy, to build the healthy habits you need to succeed…

...The healthy habits that will allow you to treat your body like the temple God made for you in His image.

When all of that is in line, you step into a whole new way of living and being.

I’ve developed a program that gives you an integrated approach to help you build healthy habits with that all-encompassing approach…
...Improving your emotional health, giving you strategy, strengthening your connection with God and much more…

...All while side-stepping the usual struggles people face on their transformative journey…

...So you finally achieve lasting weight loss and enjoy permanent change!

Introducing...The Faith Based Framework for a Total Transformation

The power of the 7-Day challenge doesn’t just come from dieting or training strategies. It also comes from The Gracious Trinity.

The Gracious Trinity is a 3-pronged approach I created to help women totally transform. Transform in their mind, body, AND spirit.

It’s what’s responsible for transforming women in mind, body, and spirit due to its all-encompassing nature.
The Gracious Trinity Takes You From Being Overweight to In-Control By Helping You Master Three Areas:
More women than ever are plagued with insecurity, steeping low confidence, and lack hope that life will ever get better.

That changes when you strengthen your relationship with God.

In this 7-Day Program, I guide women through a process to tighten their bond with God, and show them what he has planned for their lives.

Then, I give them the resources to develop an UNSHAKEABLE confidence in God, and in doing so, an unshakeable confidence in their own self worth and value.

Women who find themselves overweight usually allow their emotions to trigger self-sabotaging behaviors that dig a deeper hole for them.

Many women find themselves trapped in cycles of emotional eating, stressing about it, then shaming themselves.

Not being able to process these negative emotions keeps most women from achieving lasting results.

In this 7-Day Challenge, I’ll teach you to process your emotions in a healthy way, conquering triggers, and get on the fast track to better health!

Finally, there has to be a step-by-step plan to melt off the excess weight. That’s where the strategy comes in.

The fitness strategy ultimately arms you with the tools to be healthier in your day-to-day life.

That includes goal setting to maintain motivation, nutritional tweaks, workout planning, how to rely on God, and much, much more.

Ultimately, in this section of the Gracious Trinity, we’re building healthy habits that will snowball into BIG changes.

Here’s Your Chance to Uncover the Faith-Based Fitness Approach That’s Helped HUNDREDS of Women Slim Down, Rediscover Their Youthful Energy, and Build Their Relationship With God!

This is the first time I’m ever laying my methods out on the table like this.

Literally giving away my full faith-based approach to fitness - an approach that transforms body AND mind…

So you can finally STOP beating yourself up after every “diet slip up”...

Stop feeling ashamed about your body and eating habits…
Stop stress eating and feeling trapped in the cycle of guilt and shame…

And finally enjoy the peace and joy that comes from caring for your body just as God intended!

Unlock The Secret To Lasting Health Using a Proven, God-Centered Approach!

Here’s What You’ll Discover in our


Day 1: Laying the Foundation

Today, we’ll light the inner fire you need to make a LASTING transformation. Together we’ll create a guide for your success, and go through a process to pluck out habits that are getting in the way of your goals!

Day 2: Improving Your Emotional Health

On this day, we’ll take those unwanted habits and dig a little deeper. Together, we’ll take a look at the gaps in your emotional health and discover how God can fill them. This phase is crucial to developing more discipline, focus, and determination.

Day 3: Strategy

Here, you’ll go through a proven system designed to guide you towards lasting results. You’ll do this by setting mastery goals that keep you motivated. Then, you’ll discover how to adapt to life when the unpredictable happens to master the art of weight management.

Day 4: Nutrition

Nutrition is another key to energy and health. But, we’re not just going to look at what you eat. We’re going to address HOW, WHERE, and WHY you eat. Doing this will help you unlock the door to lasting health.


Let’s establish a movement plan! Many women follow cookie-cutter workouts that don’t deliver optimal results. And this is simply because your movement plan needs to be BUILT FOR YOU! You’re the expert on your body, preferences, and time constraints. So, it’s only right that you know how to form your own exercise plan in a way that’s appropriate for you!

Day 6: Faith Focus

In order to see sustainable results, you have to be prepared for the ups and downs of your journey. There will be struggles and obstacles. You will fail sometimes. But, that’s not what matters. What matters is how you respond to all of this. Today, you’ll learn how to respond to these situations so you can be the most confident version of yourself & live out your God-given purpose.

Day 7: Lasting Results

On the final day of the challenge, we’ll talk about the key areas that are CRITICAL to obtaining lasting results. Sleep, stress, screen time, and more all have an impact on your body. In order to succeed, you need to know how to navigate these areas appropriately to avoid their destructive effects.
Remember: I'm on a mission to help YOU TRANSFORM your body and effectively realize the most resourceful and confident version of yourself FAST by using the 7 Day Challenge…

And unlock the secret to lasting weight management!
PLUS, it’s backed by my...

90-Day Satisfaction Warranty - No Hurdles, No Hiding, No Questions Asked.

As a woman who understands what other women go through, I can relate to your pain and struggles. For this reason I am personally committed to providing extraordinary training that makes a positive impact for my clients and their health.

The 7-Day Challenge contains my faith-based approach to fitness. It’s created AMAZING changes in women from all walks of life - mothers, grandmothers, business women, and much more.

So, I have no doubt that it will work for you.

If for any reason, you are not completely BLOWN AWAY by what you find inside of The 7-Day Challenge, simply send an email to me at for a FULL refund.

NOTE: IF the ONLY thing holding you back from actually taking action and investing in your health is a fear of “will this work for me?” or "how can I trust this is right for me?"  I encourage you to re-read my words above, I will honor this guarantee without exception because I am committed to giving the best experience possible to my clients. And if it is  not a right fit, I am here to rectify the situation.

But, I doubt that will happen.

Because I’ve seen the amazing results the strategies in this 7-Day Challenge creates.

Don't take my word for it:

Hundreds of Women Are Seeing Success With the Faith-Based Approach to Fitness

Here’s What They Have to Say:


“Jessica is a very caring and wonderful trainer! ...Through her service, I became confident in what I was doing. I myself can help many individuals, but to help myself feel good is another battle. Jessica gave me a boost that provided exercises and insight that I could not have found on my own. Her gentle and confident accountability made all the difference in my life. If you are looking for a trainer she’s your gal!! Thank you Jessica!!”


“I love that it has spiritual and emotional components and you are a real person that truly cares about other women”

So, How Much Is the 7-Day Challenge?


For years, I’ve been guiding women towards bodies and spirits they can be proud of.

I’ve worked with women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and occupations.

And I’ve been able to help them escape bad habits, climb out of pits of negativity, and fortify the temples God gifted them.

When I work with these women 1-on-1, I usually charge around $120 per session.

Now, in the 7-Day Challenge, you’re going to have my full approach REVEALED to you.

Not only am I fishing for you, but I’m teaching you to fish.

Which means you’re getting a LIFETIME of advice - Exercise strategy, nutrition planning, and of course, connection with God.

So I could easily charge over $1,000 without flinching. Because it would easily cost you over $1,000 for a week of coaching with me.

But, I won’t do that.
Because I think back to my mother.

When she was down & out. A slave to her emotions. Feeling purposeless. Feeling like a failure.

And I don’t want any woman to experience that.

So, I won’t charge $1,000.

In fact, I won’t even charge a quarter of that.

When you join today, you do the 7-Day Challenge for just:


And again…

You’re backed by the 90-Day Satisfaction Warranty.

So you can think of your time with the 7-Day Challenge as a test-drive.


Or evaluation period.

Whatever you think of it as, know that you see changes, or you get your money back!

Reg. $227

ONLY $27!

And It’s  Backed By My 90-Day Satisfaction Warranty

When you say YES, you’ll get everything you need to login and get started right away.

You don’t need to wait.

Everything you need to start your journey is in the membership area.

The 7-Day Challenge contains the most effective, easy to follow, and powerful lessons to transform your body and spirit.
And for a very limited time, you can get access to it for...

Reg. $227

ONLY $27!

How Can A Faith-Based Approach to Fitness Change Your Life?

How would your life change if you knew how to live a healthier lifestyle?

What would you be able to accomplish with more control over your emotions?

And how would a strengthened connection with God empower your life?

Only you can answer those questions.

But, I imagine you would see your life skyrocket to heights you never thought imaginable.

Unshakeable confidence in your worth.

Peace of mind.
A body to be proud of.

Most importantly, an unbreakable bond with your Creator.

That’s what women have achieved with the strategies inside the 7-Day Challenge.

Are you ready to join them?

If so, just click below!

About Jessica Hoeffner

Jessica Hoeffner holds a BS in Exercise Science, a Masters in Health Science and is also a Certified Personal Trainer among other notable accolades.

She is passionate about health and nutrition and her mission is to empower people to rise against societal norms and take a God centered approach to their life. Her program is meant to liberate and empower women so that they can know their self worth and value.
Her diverse expertise and unique strategies have helped hundreds of women not only lose weight the healthy way, but also build better relationships with God.

This program is meant to help you achieve similar success and move to the next level of your life by realizing the best version of yourself (I call it the stunning unstoppable woman!).


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